Eelco Hilgersom art & design

The Habitat family reveals a new dimension of creativity. These artworks, made from thousands of colored lenses, are like enchanting jewels for your walls. In different sizes, togheter they bring playful shapes and vibrant colors, creating a visual feast.

The lenses catch the sunlight and create a beautiful spectacle on your wall. Whether you opt for a solo artwork, place them in
a cluster or prefer to spread them across an empty wall for a dynamic effect. The possibilities are endless. Combine different sizes and colors to create your own unique installation.

Habitat Indulge small
Habitat Rapture small
Habitat Braver small
Habitat Fiery small
Habitat art installation
Wall sculpture yellow
Abstract wall sculptures
Wall sculpture purple


These little gems are crawling up the wall and are ready to shine in your interior. The artworks are a part of the smaller versions of the Habitat family.

Habitat wooden sculpture

If you are looking for an unique contemporary artwork completely tailored to the space and your personal wishes, it's all possible. Eelco Hilgersom is an acclaimed artist and will discuss the options with you and creates a shape and color that completely suits you.