Eelco Hilgersom art & design

The abstract artworks from the Bloodline series are inspired by the fantastic fungi. In all the mushroom producing fungi the fruit bodies are the structures that are produced from fungal mycelium. These structures are only produced in the right environmental conditions of temperature, humidity and nutrient availability. Fungi perform an essential role in the decomposition of organic matter and have a fundamental role in nutrient cycling and exchange in the environment. You can find these delicate structures in so many different shapes, colors and textures. One more beautiful than the other. One of the most intriguing fungi has to be the bleeding tooth fungus. This fungus is the source of inspiration for these artworks.

Bloodline lilac sculpture
Bloodline green blue
Collectable design


The base of the artwork is an organic shape from which the pearls seem to emerge. By abstracting the colors and shapes, the fungus seems to come from another planet and flourishing in the right conditions. Just like the real fungi there are many different shapes and color combination to choose from.

Collectable design
Bloodline bronze
Bloodline sparkling blue

If you are looking for an unique contemporary artwork completely tailored to the space and your personal wishes, it's all possible. Eelco Hilgersom is an acclaimed artist and will discuss the options with you and creates a shape and color that completely suits you.

Abstract sculpture
Bloodline sculpture installation