Eelco Hilgersom art & design

The artworks from the Habitat family are inspired by the many wonderful organisms that nature creates. The color, structure and capabilities of the skins of these organisms give each being its own ability to convey a message. Colors are used to scare an enemy or to seduce a partner. The brighter the color, the better the message gets across. In the Habitat family, different structures and colors of the organisms are mixed and depicted in an abstract way. The organic shapes, colors and the reflective surface create a new kind of creature that wants to convey a message or an emotion. Every shape and color conveys a different emotion. And that is why each creature from the Habitat family has its own name, which equates to an emotion it wants to convey. Such as Brave, Juicy or Foxy. There are creatures that consist of a single shape and there are creatures that consist of multiple shapes.

Habitat Elusive petrol
Habitat Elusive champagne
Habitat Elusive petrol


This abstract sculpture from the Habitat family is called Elusive. It has been given this name because it has a torus shape with a sphere in the middle. These both shapes do not touch each other but do create a single feeling. This artwork is build up from thousands of lenses.

Habitat Elusive champagne
Habitat Cuddly light wood
Cuddly wall sculpture
Habitat Braver multicolor
Habitat Braver green blue
Habitat Liberated green blue
Habitat Soothing purple
Habitat Soothing yellow


The curve in the artwork Soothing really embraces you when you stand in front of the artwork. That's why its called Soothing. The color shift is even more prominent due to this curved shape and is clearly visible when you walk past the artwork.

Habitat Indulge Art installation


Indulge is a modern wall sculpture that belongs to the Habitat family and is a real treat for the space where it will be placed. It’s almost like a candy on the wall. And that is exactly what this creature wants to convey. It is saying to indulge yourself every now and then. With it's bright colors and round shapes, it seduces every observer. 

This fine art comes in different sizes and colors. The artworks on this wall all have different sizes. Varying from 31, 51 and 71 diameter and are different in colour, but of course any combination is possible.


As mentioned, the Habitat family consists of many shapes and colors. There are creatures that consist of a single shape and there are creatures that consist of multiple shapes. Curious which shape and color appeals to you best?

Habitat Indulge art
Habitat Indulge yellow
Habitat Indulge art

If you are looking for an unique contemporary artwork completely tailored to the space and your personal wishes, it's all possible. Eelco Hilgersom is an acclaimed artist and will discuss the options with you and creates a shape and color that completely suits you.