Eelco Hilgersom art & design




Fashion design

Amsterdam's Wanrooij Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Dutch contemporary artist Eelco Hilgersom, from 31 August 2023 until 14 October 2023. The exhibition 'Abstract reflections of nature’s beauty' showcases Hilgersom's abstract works inspired by nature's architecture and structures. To kick of this exciting event, the gallery partnered up with Amsterdam Fashion Week. Eelco Hilgersom collaborates with fashion designer Just Knoop, both in different fields,but alike with their feeling for abstraction and colourmaking an exciting play of contrasts.

Just Knoop, who works in fashion design at fashion company AVDW in Antwerp, graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts last summer with his collection “JUSTINE”. This is a play of color and abstraction. The starting point for the collection was a woman maneuvering in a world in which society portrays women in a certain role. The ultimate woman is the woman who secretly also resists the conservative ideas about her from society, which creates a strong contrast that can be found in colors, shapes and a combination of different silhouettes. The collaboration with Eelco Hilgersom was therefore almost inevitably strong and connected to the collection.

Eelco Hilgersom combines his backgrounds in design and art to create striking pieces that invite his audience on a visual journey through the complexity of forms, colors and materials. His series 'Habitat' explores the communication of organisms through abstract representations. Different structures and colors of the organisms are mixed and depicted in an abstract way. The organic shapes, colors and the reflective surface create a new kind of creature that wants to convey a message or an emotion.